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No Truth, No Reconciliation Rally

On Saturday, July 17, 2021, we held a rally at the Manitoba Legislature because we were (and continue to be) absolutely disgusted and dismayed by the comments made by Manitoba's new Indigenous Reconciliation and Northern Relations minister, Alan Lagimodiere. 

We encouraged educators and community members to wear orange or red and join us at the Manitoba Legislature to affirm that education in Manitoba needs to tell the truth about Residential Schools. Approximately 175 Manitobans responded and showed up in solidarity.

Our intention was to amplify the voices of Indigenous peoples who have called for Alan Lagimodiere to resign his position as Indigenous Reconciliation and Northern Relations Minister. We also believe that Brian Pallister needs to resign for his similar comments on Residential Schools.

Many incredible artists and speakers joined us to share their words, prayers, and reflections, including:

Elder Alma (from Healing Village on the east side of the Leg)
Lisa Aymont Hunter (Indigenous Community and Cultural Support Worker, River East Transcona SD) and Yvette Doel (Youth Care Worker)
Michael Kirkness (Educator and ProtectEdMB member)
Brie (student with Grant Park High School Social Justice)
Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie (Community member and activist)

Alice McKay (Educator and ProtectEdMB member)
Tyrell Bird (Member of Red Rising)
Chantal Ramraj (Educator and member of ProtectEdMB)


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